Table of Documents

1. Testimonies of Greenville County Employees about the fact that H-82 is a private road:

2. County Councilmen’s letters pressuring Greenville County to steal our road

Kurby to Besley 11/7/1996

Sullivan to Bell & Don 8/4/1997

Wortkoetter to County Admin & Sullivan 10/20/1997

Mills to Wortkoetter 2/21/2000

Mills to Wortkoetter 2/22/2000

RME Resident Basso to Benson 7/6/2000

31 RME Residents to Benson 7/13/2000

30 RME Residents to Benson 8/23/2000:

Henderson to Benson & Gucker 10/24/2002


They cannot put a sewer in a private road. It was installed in 2000, so Metro Sewer cannot accuse the restaurant of secretly hooking up to the sewer.