An Illegal Sewer

Although Greenville County Engineer Judy Wortkoetter admitted in the 2001 Greenville News article that the County has “no right of way” on our road, 2 years earlier, in 1999, she and Metro Sewer had our road dug up to put in an illegal sewer for nearby “Bucky’s Barbecue” without our approval, or even any notification. See more evidence that the County asked for right of way (notice no signatures) on the road but never did obtain it. See the letter from a Roper Mountain Estates (RME) resident and the form letter below it:

Another letter that raises some valid questions is here.

A few months later, Wortkoetter knocked on our door and asked us to go to court against the owner of Bucky’s Barbecue because he had refused to pay for the sewer work. We were still upset that the County had installed a sewer in our private road and on our land, and we asked why we should help her. Ms. Wortkoetter became angry and told us that she could have our house demolished. Then she left. We still do not know who paid for the sewer work. If this were Greenville County’s road, could it force a restaurant owner to pay for work on it? No. The County knew that it is not the County’s road. [In fact, we found out recently that whenever Metro Sewer is involved, it’s not the County’s road.] Then why in the world would County Engineer Judy Wortkoetter and County Councilman Dana Sullivan who lived in the subdivision, knowing that they have no right of way on the road, help Metro Sewer and the restaurant put a sewer in the center of this narrow road? If there was no bribery involved, why would they do such a thing? Why would Judy Wortkoetter take such a risk and make her boss Paula Gucker and Greenville County look so bad? Was it because she assumed she had nothing to lose? …that Greenville County or her boss would cover for her if she were ever found out, and that taxpayers would foot the bill if need be? How many times has she done something like this? Does she consider this to be her real career and her job at Greenville County to be just a side job or an introduction service? If so, not only is jail time a real possibility, but there is no statute of limitations on fraud. Greenville County is the second largest county in South Carolina and is home to BMW’s North American Headquarters, General Electric Turbines, and Michelin’s North American Headquarters, just to name a few; this is not some remote Indian reservation.

How dare they do this brazenly in broad daylight. This needs to be thoroughly investigated. We have asked for an explanation for some of this and were never answered. The only response we received was a letter from Professional Engineer Ed Hughes on January 28, 2000.

Since then, the sewer has caused major problems with some homeowners in RME subdivision.


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