Jan 17, 2017 Update

On Jan. 6, 2017, we saw some pipe lying in the back of the proposed subdivision and thought they were going to install it that day, so we called the County, and Josh Fisher and Quinn Martin came within an hour and listened to our story and checked the subdivision’s papers. Mr. Martin found out that in the entrance of Roper Mountain Court, there are two sticks that have orange tape on them. Mr. Martin told us that this means they plan to widen the road to there.

He was surprised that they are going to widen the road that much. We told him that the Judy Wortkoetter and many other county officials have admitted that the county has no right-of-way to widen the road. He noticed that the “End Road Work” sign at end of my road (H-82), and thought it was interesting that it was put here as he was talking to Josh Fisher.

It had been there for months, and we asked him how could it have been taken down so suddenly. It snowed Sunday January 7, 2017; Monday it was still on the ground, and on Tuesday morning this road sign was mysteriously gone. On Friday, Jan. 13, 2017, we went to talk to Mr. Martin and asked him if he took down the road sign. He said his department didn’t take it down. He said he had a meeting with Judy Wortkoetter. He didn’t want to tell the details. He just said that the whole thing was out of his hands and that he was sorry but that we needed to go get a lawyer. Isn’t there a record in the Road and Bridges Division when a sign is removed? Does this removal mean that there will be no widening of the road? After they installed the first sewer illegally for the nearby restaurant Bucky’s and after they made our private road a one-way street, we couldn’t afford a lawyer, and they got what they wanted. So they think they can get what they want, so they’re doing more illegal things. Is this how Greenville County robs people’s land.

The road sign divided our my road (H-82) and RME’s road, H-134. We want the gate put back where that sign was. So that the new subdivision will not have any opportunity to create another new problem. We’ve had so many problems with this. It’s because there is no clear sign there that the county councilmen who live in Roper Mountain Estates residents keep thinking: “How can we get this land?”


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