We have lived on this property and have some things to remember in these quiet surroundings. In 2000, when I was working to find the flow field in the core of vortex ring, I had to stop to try to prevent Greenville County and Metro Sewer from illegally installing a sewer for a rich restaurant owner in the road in front of our house. The paper was finally published in the Cambridge Journal of Fluid Mechanics. In 2008, when I was trying to uncover some of the curious properties of quantum integers such as their product, divisibility of their arithmetic progressions, their cubes and other powers, interesting representations of quantized 12 with a variable base and with a double variable base, quantized 16, and alternating sums of quantum integers, I was also working on a method for finding the velocity field in a vortex given a streamline pattern. These were ultimately published, but while I was working on these problems, Jim Burns and his gaggle were studying how they could take more my family’s rights for the benefit of his subdivision, and in October 2008 succeeded in completely eliminating all legal access to our home. We never bothered anyone in Roper Mountain Estates Subdivision. Since then I found a way of estimating the mean flow field in combustion chambers (the top downloaded paper of the International Journal of Engine Research in 2013), and a parameter for describing the flow in the core of a spherical vortex, as well as streamline coordinates for it.

Everyone has 24 hours in a day, and I guess everyone gets good at something. Unfortunately, while some people try to better the world, others work to be skilled in the art of circumventing the law to pilfer the property of others. Others work hard to cover it up, and others work to pass the buck. This is our third time in this vicious cycle with Greenville County, and it has taken a lot of our time. If not for all the trouble they have given me, I would have at least 7 more worthwhile publications completed.


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