Profanities by a backhoe driver

Today, workers were working again on the property of the proposed subdivision (Azalea Manor), and I went over and told the man using the backhoe that we wanted them to clear the debris next to our property and to remove the large tree trunk in our yard which was left over from one of the large trees on that property that fell onto our property.

The driver said that the debris had been there for years. [But it was alive and growing during all those years… now it was a pile of dead wood, which is much more of a fire hazard]. When I asked about the large tree trunk from the fallen tree, he said that has a problem with neighbors giving him a hard time on this project and then asking him for favors. [But this was the first time I’d ever talked to the man. I don’t know what problems I have given him.] And since cleaning up one’s own mess is not doing a favor for anyone, I simply informed him that he had been told, and I walked away.

Later that evening when we drove back home, we saw him in our backyard looking at the large tree trunk. We asked him why he was in our yard, and as he was walking out, he said “Do you want me to move this trunk or stay out of your yard?” After he was out of our yard, he said “Why don’t you just man up and move it yourself?” [It’s too heavy.] I asked him what his name was, and he said “F@#k you” while holding up his middle finger in my face. I asked him why he didn’t “man up” and tell me his name. He said his name was Earl Pettit and asked me my name. I told him, “You know where I live; where do you live? What’s your address?” He then continued a stream of profanities and threats to each of us while punching his left hand with his right fist repeatedly. Expecting him to make good on his threats, after he left, we called 911 and explained what happened and waited inside as they suggested until the police arrived. Three officers arrived in two vehicles. We explained what happened, and two of them went and talked to Earl and his coworkers. Our case number is 1-16-223658.



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