Sewers Must have Legal Easements

On Thursday, December 15, 2016, a contractor for AT&T who said her name was Amy, came and began spray painting my front yard where the AT&T line is buried and said they were going to move the phone line. She had a device that beeps when it detects the buried line.

It appears that Councilman Burns’ strategy for his Graduation Opus is to duplicate what seems to have worked so well in the past, and that is to have Metro Sewer lay down a sewer line close to our property and then later come back and claim to own an easement of 20 or 30 feet on either side of that sewer in order to build a second entrance for RJR Venture Group’s new “Azalea Manor” subdivision. Azalea Manor is yet another subdivision that is to be wedged into an already gridlocked section of Roper Mountain Road (near Snipes Road).

There is a long and storied history of corruption in the Greenville County Roads and Bridges Program.


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