Another subdivision to be wedged into the gridlocked section of Roper Mountain Road

Jim Burns’ Graduation Opus will be the approval of another subdivision, Azalea Manor by RJR Venture Group, that will be wedged into the gridlocked section of Roper Mountain Road (near Snipes Road). On December 16, 2016, we went to the Greenville County Register of Deeds and spoke with Jan Lane. She was very helpful and helped us look up all recorded documents about Azalea Manor. She said the only the record is this Storm Water Management Agreement for Azalea Manor. RJR Venture Group plans to put their sewer too close to our border (see video here).

On the same day, we obtained the map below of the Azalea Manor Preliminary Plan from the Permits Department at Greenville County.

(Recall that the wife of Neal Fogleman of “FRF Engineering & Surveying,” shown in the title block of the above map, is related to County Councilman Jim Burns.)

We also obtained a copy of the Landscape Compliance Plan for Azalea Manor at the same office (see below).

The mortgage for RJR Venture Group, LLC, recorded at the Greenville County Register of Deeds suggests that “RJR” stands for the first names of the three members of the LLC: Ravikumar Patel, Joel Nunez, and Rajesh Kumar. I thought many Indians and Pakistanis didn’t get along very well, so I guess it’s good to see that they get along with each other.

After calling the Greenville Public Works, Permits, Subdivisions, Land Development Division, and Metro Sewer on November 10, 2016, and asking what the Land Disturbance Permit Number is for the new subdivision, “Kim,” the administrative assistant, informed me that it should be posted on a sign at the road.

I told her that it was not posted (see below) and requested that it be posted. I received a call back shortly thereafter and was told that they would send someone out to see that it gets posted.


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