Will China Ever Catch Up?

On the evening of December 7, 2016, some bloggers broke the news that an old woman in Yibin City, Sichuan Province, Changning County, China, was tragically buried alive by a bulldozer in order for Changning County to forcibly taker her land. A local villager said about a week ago that a county councilman had offered to give 2000 RMB per acre to village people as reimbursement in exchange for part of their lands, but most villagers thought that was too low and didn’t sign any agreement. In spite of their disagreement, the government didn’t care and still started construction on their land, without any public documents and without getting any easements from the villagers. (http://udn.com/news/story/7332/2158581)

(What! China, you’re a communist country!  Why are you sitting down with villagers and talking about reimbursement for their land!  Why not do it the democratic way?  Just lay down a sewer pipe next to the land you want and then declare an easement of 20 feet or however much land you want? Then it’s all very “legitimate,” and you wouldn’t have to pay these villagers a cent.)

The 70 year old lady was in her vegetable garden watering her vegetables.  The driver of the bulldozer ignored the old lady’s pleas to spare her land and used the bulldozer to push her down and cover her with dirt. He then drove the bulldozer back and forth to cover up her body. Villagers who saw this happen later went over to start digging up the old lady. In the meantime, people notified the police.
Granny Zhou was buried alive.

After the tragedy happened, no government officials showed up to take responsibility. The police simply confiscated the body and wouldn’t let the family have it, claiming they wanted to do an autopsy. Later when questioned by family members, the police claimed the body was now in the morgue.

At the sight of the blood and hands sticking out of the dirt, bloggers said this was cold-blooded murder. Changning County said this had nothing to do with the County and that it was bulldozer’s fault. (After all, all the County wanted to do was steal the old lady’s land.) Chinese news reported that the bulldozer driver’s name is Qiumou Shen.

In the 1950s, Mao used to always tell his people that he wanted China to pass up England and catch up with the US. China, it’s nearly 2017, and you’re still behind. You’re still offering your subjects money for their property? Why are you County Councilmen in China battling for public-use roads in the first place? You should be using your power to improve the land around your own subdivision, like our County Councilman do here in Greenville, SC.

Will China ever catch up?


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