We see your plan, Councilman Burns & Greenville County

In ancient China, all the daughters were the king’s property. Every year or so, the king would receive new concubines, and the local officials would tell the families who had daughters 14-years of age or older to send them to the palace. They would pick those they wanted (and start training them in the palace for 3 years), and what was left over was for the families to take back home. No one owned their daughter unless and until the king didn’t want her. Here in Greenville County, your land is yours unless a County Councilman decides to have Metro Sewer put a sewer line at the edge of it for the king’s purposes, which usually involve real estate developers for whom the councilman “consults.” My land has been picked for the Palace twice! See the articles on the left sidebar for details.

We see your plan, Councilman Burns and Greenville County. Someone told me that your scheme is to give Roper Mountain Estates subdivision our front yard in order to get them a two lane road for “their” entrance, and then giving the right side of our yard (see below) to RJR Venture Group for their eventual second entrance. Am I right? That would put them in compliance as far as entrances go. Why does the RME Homeowners Association claim that the sewer tap on my property “has everything to do” with the subdivision in which you live, Councilman Burns?


As Councilman Burns stepped down at the end of this year 2016, this looks to be his graduation project — his Magnum Opus! This section of Roper Mountain Road will be even more gridlocked than it already is. It will probably even rival his other masterwork — The Shops at Greenridge, which residents suffering from this zoning/construction fiasco refer to as “The Shops at Gridlock” because it turns Woodruff Road into a parking lot daily.

Councilman Burns, in third-world countries people who take risks like this will get something in return. Did you get anything in return for all this? Why would you do all this?

Councilmen Burns and Sullivan, and coworkers, when we were single, we could do whatever we wanted to some extent, but when we have families, we have to think about how our children will fair, because wives can get divorced, remarry, and complete cut off from you. But your children will be related with you the rest of their lives. We don’t want people to say: “There goes so-and-so’s son or daughter, the criminal who did this or that…” We should try to leave a good name for our children to inherit. Whenever we see criminals in the newspaper, those who are hurt the most are their own children. The written law is the lowest level of moral behavior in society. It’s not that hard to follow.


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