County Councilman Jim Burns

How can it be that a subdivision can confiscate a private road for its own convenience after having closed its own main entrance to provide a quiet cul-de-sac for someone important (former Greenville County Councilman Dana Sullivan lived there)? How could it then have the County declare the newly stolen road to be a one-way street? The subdivision began by borrowing our private road without our consent, and now we are being forced to borrow a mile of the subdivision just to get home every day. This is inconvenient, an enormous waste of our time, and a unjust financial burden as well. How could this state of affairs come about? Well first, understand that Greenville County Councilman James F. Burns lives in the subdivision. His public information is here:



When we told Greenville County we didn’t want our road to be a one-way street, they ignored us and did it anyway, even though the County has no right of way on the road. But Jim Burns, County Councilman and Vice Chairman on the Finance Committee and on the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, lives in the subdivision. His Finance Committee oversees:

Taxation and Assessment
Appropriations and Expenditures
Collection, Receipt, Allocation, and Disbursement of County Funds
Acquisition, Leasing, and Disposition of Real and Personal Property, Materials, Supplies and Equipment
Budgeting and Accounting Methods and Procedures
Capital Improvement Programming and Financing
Bonds and Other Indebtedness
Purchasing Policies and Procedures
Economic Development Matters
Internal Auditing
Accounting Systems and Procedures
Departmental and Management Operation
Financial Reports and Accounting Statements
Budget Controls and Documentation
Fund Disbursement Methods, Procedures and Policies
Agency Audits and Expenditure Analyses
Establishment of Policies Affecting the Selection, Appointment, Compensation, Qualification, Tenure, Seniority, Retirement, and Other Matters Affecting Employment of County Officers and Employees
Special Tax District Creation

And his Public Works and Infrastructure Committee oversees:

County/State/Private Roads, Bridges, and Sidewalks Maintenance and Infrastructure Management
Traffic Calming
Building Codes Adoption and Enforcement
Floodplain Management
Greenville County Redevelopment Authority
Public Utilities
All Special Tax Districts and All Special Purpose Districts Not Otherwise Assigned
Property Management – Supervision/Maintenance of All County Buildings, Property, Grounds and Parking Facilities

Jim Burns will be leaving office in November 2016. He needs to answer why he made this road a one-way street, why the residents of Roper Mountain Estates subdivision got form letters to push Greenville County to widen this private road with taxpayer money.

Should a county councilman use taxpayer money to pave and repair a road for his subdivision?