Taxpayers of Greenville County, get what you’re paying for!

Greenville County taxpayers, have you had trouble using Garlington Rd to get from Pelham Rd to Roper Mountain Road? Now that you have paid to repair Roper Mountain Court, why not use Snipes Rd and Roper Mountain Court to get onto Roper Mountain Rd? People have told us this has saved them a lot of time because it lets them avoid the traffic light at Garlington Rd and Roper Mountain Rd, as well as the traffic light at Snipes and Roper Mountain Rd (to be opened).


The long way (blue) & short way (green)

If you don’t use Roper Mountain Court, you can at least take a tour of Roper Mountain Court to see what you’ve paid for. As shown above, the green route has no traffic lights, no waiting, and is 0.4 miles shorter. You’ve already paid for it, why not use it like others do? You have a right to use the roads you pay for! Incidentally, as you can see, you’ll be able to avoid a traffic light by using Roper Mountain Court instead of remaining on Snipes. Our friends have to break the law and use the subdivision to visit us; so anyone who needs that shortcut is also my friend.

If you don’t need to use either of these routes, at least don’t let an influential person in the subdivision have the County use more of your money to widen Roper Mountain Court for this subdivision. Virtually every road in Greenville County has pot holes that need to be fixed first. And if they do use more County funds to widen this road, your subdivision should get the same treatment, not just the county councilman’s subdivision.

What does it take to get them to reopen their own entrance and give us our road back… and with their own money, not more taxpayer money.


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