Developers eying the sewer installed illegally on our land by Greenville County, SC

In 2016 a surveyor named Neal Fogleman came to our house representing the new owner of property behind us. They said they needed our sewer line and were willing to pay us to run a sewer through the side of our yard. (This would connect them to the sewer tap placed illegally in our front yard.) We declined. The business card of Mr. Fogleman, who said his wife is related to County Councilman Jim Burns, is below:

We suspect that the developer will use the same tactic that Greenville County used: They may just cut down our trees and put a sewer line on our land without our permission.

So we asked the surveying company that initially surveyed our land for us when we purchased the home to find one of our stakes and re-mark one boundary. This photo shows them working.


This surveyor told me that the sewer pipe has to be at least 22.5 feet away from our property boundary.


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